Restoration Process


1. High pressure waterblast cleaning

Roof Restoration Limited do not use any chemicals for the cleaning of Concrete Tiles, Iron, Long run, Decramastic, Etc.

During the cleaning of roofs, down pipes are disconnected  to comply with council regulations (protects environment)

Gutters are waterblasted inside and out

2. Moss treatment applied to roof

Moss Treatment: Is applied after pressure cleaning. Particular attention is paid to the lip of the tile, as this area is not washed by rain and creates a build up of debris.
Our Moss Treatment is a low toxicity moss and lichen wash.

Moss Treatment is formulated to treat fungal spore before over coating. It will kill the spores so no growth will grow through the coatings after application.

Roof Restoration Limited highly recommends an annual moss treatment as moss and lichen love to grow on fresh paint and clean surfaces

3. Roof repointed in Flexipoint

Ridge Caps are Re-Bedded where necessary, and Re-pointed with Flexi Point to ensure Ridge Security.

Flexi Point is a flexible compound that will withstand construction movement and prevent cracking unlike sand and cement mixes.

4. General repairs

For Corogated Iron or Long Run Roofs: All nails/screws are tightened. Small holes are patched with flashing tape. Large holes/rusty sheet(s) will need replacing .

For Decramastic Roofs: Major dents are popped back up, splits sealed with a top quality silicone (sika), badly damaged pans will need replacing

For Concrete Tile Roofs: Any broken tiles to be replaced, chipped tiles will be fixed and filled with flexi.

5. Roof Coating –

At Roof Restoration Limited we use a water based roof paint
Two coats of top coat is applied you can choose from Gloss, semi-Gloss or matt finish

For concrete tile: One coat of Roof Sealer is applied before top coats. Roof Sealer is a product that is formulated to consolidate the surface layer of the tile(s). It has the ability to act as a penetrating sealer, which in cases where the tile is heavily oxidizing will allow for maximum adhesion for top coatings.

FOR NEWER TILE(S) We use a penetrated sealer it will penetrate the tile, and seal it completely.
FOR OLDER ROUGH TILE(S) We use a Hi -BUILD sealer which is more thicker and builds up the old rough tile(s)

For Corogated Iron / Longrun: Anti-rust converter is applied to surface rust. One coat of galvinised primer is applied followed by two top coats (our galvinised primer also has a rust-converter additive)

For Decramastic Pan: One coat of basecoat is applied with chip followed with second basecoat and two coloured topcoats
(Chip is a fine charcoal stone which strengthens the decramastic pan)